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Friday, October 30, 2009

Round Heeled Shoes

I just started reading Jane Juska's book, "A Round-Heeled Woman". I think it came out a few years ago, and I wanted to read it then.

But, as you should know-if you read my blog, I always troll the Thrift stores for books that were bestsellers or new reads years ago...and I found her book the other day. It was at the Milpitas Goodwill, which is sorely lacking. In fact, the only good thing I found at the Milpitas Goodwill was a forest green cloth placemat (which I use for under the dog's water and food) and this book.

Anyway, Jane Juska is a retired teacher from Berkeley. She came to Berkeley by way of Ohio and keeps her small town prejudices, only upside down in the way that transplanted Californians other words, she considers herself a liberal. A misguided liberal who thinks that all gays are good and victimized and brilliant and she congratulates herself on dating people outside of what she would consider her race...she congratulates herself for dating a Jew, for heaven's sake. Only a misguided liberal would consider prejudices and stereotyping good as long as they weren't the same stereotypes and prejudices of an anal retentive conservative....

But peeling through all of her baggage and warped thinking, is an interesting story. First of all, Jane Jaska fought fat and won. And that is to be congratulated. She lost a lot of weight.

Then, at the ripe old age of 60 something, she decides to have a sex life. And she writes about it!

She gives us all hope.

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