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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I had a job interview today.

So exciting.

I told everyone!

"Hey, I might be employed soon!" I exclaimed to my mom. "I got a job interview and I think it's a good one!"

She sounded relieved. "Oh that's great!" she said. "What is the job for?"

I explained that it was for a travel agency, selling trips to school kids. It was commission but it had a base.

It sounded great.

The interview was on the phone.

It started off just fine. It was home based position (working from home! Yay!), with a company that had been around for years.

I let the guy interviewing me (let's call him Chad) drivel on about the company. I'd already done my research on the company so I just listened to him confirm what I already knew.

Then he went into specifics about the position. It was inside sales, it was from 8:30-5:30 with an hour break for lunch, then 2+ more hours at night. Then two to three times a night every week in addition, to work on paperwork, etc.,.

I'm not afraid of hard work but this would be non-stop phone sales which is hard core and only rewarding if the payoff is big.

The base salary was about 20,000/year. Eeeks. Not enough to live on in the bay area.

So, you'd think commission would be big, right?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

About $30,000 in commission.

But it gets better.

I wouldn't get any commission until September. OF 2011!!!!

Thats' commission for 2 years.

But the company has a plan. So not to worry!

Chad explained that the company would generously allow me to borrow $1,000 per month from them for 2 years until I could pay them back with my commission!!!

When I sounded incredulous, Chad responded with, "What's wrong? You sound a little hesitant about this..."

I explained that I wasn't planning on going into debt for a job.

Not to worry. Chad explained that if I were a finalist, he would get back to me and I would have a second interview with someone else in the company. Wooo-hoo.


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