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Sunday, November 01, 2009


It's the day after Halloween.

My exchange student is taking his second shower of the day. What is it about exchange students that they feel the need to shower constantly? I guess I should just be thankful that he doesn't have B.O., but, for heaven's sake, does he need to constantly shower?

Now I'm watching, "I Dream of Genie", which is basically a wet dream for white guys who yearn for Asian women. Asian women who find American Military h-o-t.

I'm trying not to get pissed about those people who promised great evaluations or recommendations for me and then reneged. Or not to get pissed over the people I gave great recommendations for who didn't come through for me. But I probably should be pissed at myself for not seeing those people for who they are...

There was Nikki, a 30 something blonde divorcee who loves to travel. But can't. Because she's got an 11 year old. So, despite the fact that she's found dude #2 and will probably get married a second time ensuring some financial security, she's jealous that I've got a chance to travel and, although promised to give me a recommendation, is now having second thoughts because, ..."Cece, I was never your actual supervisor and I therefore don't qualify to evaluate or recommend you and I don't feel comfortable giving a recommendation because they might fly out and try to interview me..." blah blah blah. She'll get hers.

And then there's Sandy...I gave a great online eval for her...getting her into graduate school. In fact, she told me that I was one of her few friends that actually, and in a timely manner, completed the online eval without constant prompting from her...but did she return the favor? Uh, no. She gave me an email account she never checked, never let me know that she hadn't recieved the online link for the eval and then just didn't do it. Disgusting.

But it reminds me of court stuff I went through with Big G. It's interesting how some people come through and others don't. And usually it's never the people who step up that you think. But it's a great test of character. Hard times show you who is real and who is lacking.


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