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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

I watched "The View" this morning and gained a little respect for 'Survivor Girl', Elizabeth Hasslebach.

She comes by the name 'Survivor Girl', not by just lasting a little while on the reality based t.v. show, but by surviving the slings and arrows of the older women of the show. Slings and arrows that decimated Star Jones, Debbie Markapopoless (or whatever her name was), Lisa Ling and even that crusty old broad, Rosie O'donnell.

This morning Joy Behar, a communist, leftist, wanna-be comic who fancies herself an educated sophisticate but is really more like a crusty, crass blowhard, started in on Veterans. Joy Behar started kvetching (for want of a better word...) about the cost of the war and how no one is talking about how the war is not working and that we should send soldiers home and the cost of the war is outrageous, etc., In the 1800's Joy Behar would've made a good saloon-girl...come to think of it, she's probably seen those days.

Elizabeth didn't let ole' Joy get away with her attack on Veterans. She put Joy Behar in her place, quickly and succinctly. I wouldn't want Elizabeth's job. It's gotta suck being on the air with a bunch of east coast airheads who overestimate their intelligence and underestimate their rudeness.

Then again, Elizabeth Hasslebach seems to hold her own.


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