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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I love HGTV.

I love watching House Hunters and Design on a Dime and Designed to Sell and What is it worth and Colorsplash and Landscape Design and Property Virgins..and, well, you might get the idea that all I do is watch tv. Currently, you would be right. I'm trying to get over a cold (again...this school year I've had more colds than ever) and I don't like socializing when sick.

Plus, before the cold hits full force, I have a hard time producing things or working on anything. Now that the cold is here, I'm actually more effective. I know that an end is in sight.

But what I like about these shows is the potential, the promise. If I were to move to ho-dunk small town nowhere ville, I wouldn't have neighbors sitting on top of me, my job would probably be less stressful, I could have half a dozen animals and my cost of living would be minimal. Oh! and I could buy a house in all cash, with no mortgage. Yeah, that sounds great!


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