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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders - Again

So, I watched the "Sneak Peak" Cowboy Cheerleader show earlier today.

First, let me say, I hate the name Alyssa. It reminds me of a cheap version of a burlesque showgirl. In other words, cheap.

I just don't like the name.

It's euro-trash, common, boring. And nine times out of ten, a woman with that name is boring and all of the above.

Today's show didn't let me down.

Alyssa, one of the cheerleader tryouts, is a skanky, I think maybe Hawaiian-girl, who in previous episodes absolutely trashes the other girls in the tryouts. She basically comes out and says she's dealing with all of this racism and basically all the other girls look like Barbie dolls except for her and doesn't life suck that everyone is so prejudiced and everyone hates her because she's asian and she has something to prove because she just as hoochie-mama as all the other girls and blah blah blah.

I don't like her. She's rude and stupid and prejudiced and (sin of all sins!) ugly.

Basically, I saw the last 5 minutes of the show. Here's the rundown.

Kelly (the 60 somethine judge) looked hot in a purple outfit with funky earrings.
Kathy Gonzalez (one of the better looking girls--maybe Kelly was jealous) was cut.
Sunni (looked like she was really 40 and spent about $100,000 in plastic surgery) was cut. Because she looked "winded" at the end of a 4 hour routine. Sure, if you're 40 and competing with 20 year olds, you'd probably be winded. Also, Kelly said her dancing was too delicate. Which really meant she wasn't crass enough. Sunni needed to spend about 10 hours in a strip club. 20 lap dances and she'd probably be "less delicate and more Dallas Cowboyish". I think Sunni should probably be relieved she wasn't whorish enough to be considered for the team.

Alyssa, however, (dancing and looks aside) is quite bitchy enough to be considered for the team.



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