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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Oscars

I watched the Oscars the other night.

Actresses are still wearing those strapless dresses. I guess they flatter the boob implants.

I read somewhere that it was shocking how the cameras cut to Anjelique Jolie (or whatever her name is) when Jenn-Jenn Aniston was on stage. Why would that be shocking? Two actresses that America has an unhealthy obsession with...and they are getting older in a career that punishes the aged. Those two need all the media coverage they can get. And Arm Pitt is no one to fight over. Just my opinion. I've seen better looking homeless dudes. But I live in California. 'Nuff said.

The other moment that I found interesting (for lack of a better word) was when Sean Penn accepted his award for some movie he was in. I wasn't really paying that much attention and I didn't see the movie he was in. But I could have sworn the move was called "MILF" doesn't MILF stand for "Mother I'd like to F***"? And why would Sean Penn star in a movie about that? As far as I can tell he isn't anyone's mother...but who knows...

All that I could think of, as I watched him accept his award and rant on and on about something (no, I wasn't paying close attention) was about this newspaper article I read awhile back. Apparently, Sean Penn and his wife, Robin Wright Penn, went up to Reno and rented a hotel room (according to the article). Sean insisted on his own room. Because he wanted to f*** 2 Russian models. He talked his downtrodden wife into the separate rooms, but apparently wasn't clear about why he needed this separate room. Poor wifey walks in on drunk Sean in a hot tub with 2 hottie Russian models, according to this article I read. It was kinda sad. She filed for divorce, realized he had all the cash and she was an aging actress with no career prospects, and they (miracle of miracles!) reconciled.

Anyway, the whole time he was ranting, I kept thinking about the above article. And how, when Sean was married to Madonna (years and years and years ago), another article said he tied her up like a turkey, went out for the evening and didn't come back to untie her until he'd gotten his groove on later that night. She filed for divorce.

I don't think he makes an ideal husband.

Other than that, it was Slumdog Millionaire all the way. Even Hollywood is predictable.


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