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Sunday, September 07, 2008

10 Things I do....

10 things I do to avoid work, relationships, socializing or anything else that will propel my career and myself into advancement:

1. Browse best-of craigslist for a laugh (this one is good for hours)

2. Laundry

3. Reading. Reading anything. But especially trashy novels or hilarious self-help books ("cleaning your toenails will help you self actualize into a pickle..." etc.,)

4. Yardwork. I love yardwork. Unfortunately, today, when I tried to trim back the tree, I was attacked by a squeaking rat, who was angry that I'd interrupted his nap. That was fun.

5. Knitting. Knitting purses and blankets. But especially baby blankets, 'cuz their fast, easy, don't need a pattern, and people oooh and aahh about them (feeds my ego).

6. Cleaning out my closet (which I need to do more of)

7. Blogging. Which I don't do enough of...

8. Websurfing...especially for the news

9. Checking email.

10. Drinking tea while watching t.v....

okay, let's see, have I avoided work for enough time yet? Do I have a case of worried panic, as I assess the few hours I have left until Monday to post my lesson plans???


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