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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Top 10 HGTV DesignStar Disasters

1. Oval Office Bullriding Redesign

2. Iraqi Inner City Sanctuary Garden

3. Las Vegas Tearoom/Meditation Room

3. Grand Theft Auto Video Arcade located in Cardiac Room of local hospital

4. Outdoor BBQ area for California State Parks

5. Home Depot Spa and Manicure Room

6. Walmart Drinking Lounge and Tiki Bar for lost shoppers

7. Kitchen/Bath Combo (Ew!)

8. Cell Makeover for San Quentin Prisoners with marble bidets

9. Obama vs. McCain in "Who Can Decorate the White House Best?" Contest

10. Will Decorate With Food (meant to be Will Decorate For Food but Producers had a typo)


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