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Monday, February 19, 2007

Global Warming

Happy President's Day! In honor of so many people having the day off, the city next to mine is having a "Unite to Fight Global Warming Rally".

I'd link the site but I have some sort of virus on my computer that won't let me get the url of the Explorer browser, where all my bookmarks are. And I'm too lazy to fix it.

But onto Global Warming. I think it's hilarious and really a terrific idea. We have a ton of incompetent, bleeding heart, want-to-change-the-world but instead end up really screwing things up people in this area.

You know, the ones who demonstrate and protest for the poor and think they are helping the poor by providing free shopping carts for poor people, only to reinforce the idea that poor people should shove all of their belongings in shopping carts and live outside.

Or they protest that gardeners should get to use gas or electric powered leaf blowers because the gardeners are poor and Latino (this gets to the heart of the prejudice of these liberals who assume that everyone who is Latino is poor) and not having those kinds of leaf blowers hurts the gardener's business. Of course the fact that the leaf blowers are probably giving the gardeners lung cancer and allergies and shortening their lives is completely irrelevant to these dimwits.

So these deluded souls, who in the past have whined about everything and anything, now have a cause to focus on that hurts no one! It's brilliant! It's like creating a cause to fight the overheating of the sun. Or the orbiting of the moon. Or Tsunamis. The cause gives the slightly daft, who feel somewhat guilty about their lack of compassion for others so that they overcompensate, a place to put their energies. And the solution is brilliant also. Let's tell them to conserve energy! That way the rest of us are left alone and are spared their stupidity.

But if you feel like going to the Global Warming rally, go ahead. Just ignore my snickering.

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