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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blogging Reads

I'm really tired of reading other people's blogs, where they describe their exciting lives.

The blogger who has a rock band and rocks out on nights and weekends.

Or the middle-aged woman who was recently laid-off but has rebounded with a glamorous PR job. And shopping trips to buy Jimmy Choo shoes.

Or the Googler who takes business trips every 15 minutes and posts shots of her exploits on her blog.

Then there's the New Orleans'er who describes her on-again-off-again marriage and the raising of her pubescent son. C'mon, she could write about anything and it would be exciting 'cuz it takes place in New Orleans.

And the woman (my age) who lives in some ho-dunk Californian town in the middle of nowhere but takes trips to Italy.

Okay, I give up!!! My life is one giant yawn broken up with stints of long, physically demanding hard work and extensive stressful downtime (code for layoffs). Flavored with unending financial hardship.


I'd like to trade a few days with some of the bloggers I read about.


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