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Monday, February 22, 2010

Frustrating Monday

I woke up with plans.

I'd walk the dogs, then dig into the job apps.

I had a list of sites to apply online, and had already a wishlist of 13 pages of job openings.

Then the dog walk turned into a trail walk. But the dogs earned it, and I justified the long walk by thinking that when I start working again, I won't be able to take the dogs out on such long, spontaneous walks. And it's a beautiful, sunny, warm and clear day today. The weather forecast calls for extended rain throughout the week, so I had to take advantage of all that sunshine.

Then a a friend called. She wanted to go on a walk to the cafe nearby.

So, I put the computer on sleep and sailed off on yet another walk.

By the time I finally got to my emails, after I rebooted up the computer, I found 91 emails waiting in one account and 31 in another.

After plodding through all of my emails, and applying to about 5 different jobs, I found myself arguing with some friends/associates of mine about a meeting I attended this weekend. And re-explaining, clarifying emails for 4 rounds (so far).

Now it's 2 o'clock.

I've yet to touch the specific job site I was planning on applying. And I find myself mildly irritated. Things are not going swimmingly and I'm tempted to just call it a day and do something else.



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