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Monday, February 08, 2010

Auditory Addiction

I was fortunate enough to get called for a job interview down south (L.A. area). I was also lucky enough to be paying my own way. Now, for a company, I would never do that. But for a school...yes, I'll pony up and pay for my airline ticket and rental car. But I do expect a little appreciation/attention to the fact that I cared enough to fly all the way down. Didn't get any of that. So I'm not excited about the prospect of working for this district. But that's another posting.

What I found annoying was that there was a significant number of people who were compelled to talk. About anything. Usually on the cell phone, but sometimes to their neighbor on seat next to them (can't use cells on the plane).

And these yakkers never seemed to take a breath. It was almost like they were afraid to be alone with their thoughts. And the things they talked about! Stupid, stupid things...roomates and people at work who looked at them funny and furniture and just the most inane subjects.

The other interesting thing about these blabbermouths was that, with one exception, they were all men!

I think it was a power trip also. "Look at me!" these people seemed to be saying, "I'm important!"


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