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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hair Dye

I've decided to highlight my hair.

Usually my mother gets on my case about not spending lots of money on an upscale, expensive hairstylist.

And she is right because my hair is pretty thin (okay, fine) and there's a lot of it and a bad cut and bad highlight really stand out.

But there is no way I'm spending the money I spent in my twenties on my hair.

It's just too much.

So, I cut my own hair or go to a Beauty School (Beauty School haircuts are $10 instead of the usual $60 and up around here) and I dye my own hair.

Why? Because it costs upwards of $200 (Yes, I typed double 00's and it wasn't a typo) for a decent highlight in this valley.

Versus, if I just purchase a highlighting kit at Longs (or CVS or walgreens) for $8 (sometimes even less if it's on sale), and do it myself, my hair might not look gorgeous but it looks better than no highlights (which is the alternative).

So, here I sit, with globbed on hair dye, hoping that this dye job will look okay.


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