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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dog Illnesses

I checked my yahoo! account (since I'm searching for activities to do that will delay the job search) and found an email from Dogster.

Apparently, they want me to learn about the 5 most common canine health problems.

Now, I was surprised. Because, my informal surveying and gut instincts (based on what I've seen from neighbors, family and friends) tell me that the most common canine illness (hands down) is.....

1) Obesity. That's right. Fat Americans are making their dogs fat. You just have to take a short stroll around your neighborhood to see pudgy Poopsy walking pudgy Rover 'round the block.

2) Lack of exercise. I cannot tell you how many dog meetups I attend where the dogs are clearly out of shape. They pant and drag their feet and loll on the ground. Many of these dogs can't even make it around the walk before appearing winded...and their owners don't think it's problem because they are struggling to tromp around the block as well.

3) Fleas. Lots of fleas. And some ticks. Yeah, I am currently avoiding some good friends because their house is flea infested and they don't want to do anything about it. And whenever I visit, my dogs get fleas from them.

4) Poisonings. Dogs eat anything. Hell! Some dogs even eat their own crap. So, I'd expect that dogster would put this on the list.


5) Now I'm stuck. I don't know what is the last most common canine complaint. Maybe dog allergies? Better known as mange?

On too the article. Do you know what Dogster lists as the most common ailments? I was waaay off....
1) Ear Infections (#1...who knew?)
2) Skin Allergies...okay I got that one...I put it down as #5 but at least I got it...
3) Pyoderma/Hot Spots (isn't that the same as skin conditions?)
4) Gastritis/Vomiting (that's just like poisoning, right? I mean, if your dog is vomiting...maybe it's 'cuz of poisoning)
5) Enteritis/Diarrhea (see above)

Well, maybe I wasn't as far off as I originally thought. And here's the thing...most of these ailments can't be prevented from vaccinations. So, why do all these vets push numerous, unnecessary vaccinations, many of which we later find out cause cancer in our pets.


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