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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tick Tock...

The days are winding down, and I have a feeling my unemployment will soon be coming to an end.

I have a job interview on Monday...and I think things will pick up soon, especially in January.

My exchange student is moving on...and I'm really looking forward to it. I can get my house in order and not have to deal with a student schedule.

I would add that if you are thinking of taking an exchange student in, there are a few things to think of;

1) What is your budget? It does NOT pay to take in a student. You will lose money on all of the extra utilities (most are not ecologically/economically minded) as they will attempt to take showers two to three times a day, even when told not to do so. They will want to wash their 2 pairs of pants and one shirt every other day unless you put your foot down. Lights? They aren't going to turn them off. Heat? They want it running at 80 degrees day and night. Toilet paper and soap? They will go through it like there is no tomorrow. Now, my daughter was trained early. We would go camping and were very ecologically minded. She NEVER ran through supplies or utilities like this.

2) A student will come and go at all hours of the night. Good luck attempting to set a curfew. They will smile, agree, nod and then do as they please.

3) Phone calls. Ah, the phone calls. They go on until the sun rises. You can tell them no phone calls after 9:30 pm. They will smile and nod and agree. Then you will be awakened at 2 a.m. by a loud conversation. You will bang on their bedroom door and tell them to get off the phone. They will say "Okay, no problem." You will go back to bed and listen to them whisper in an attempt to continue the conversation. You will get up and bang on the door and ONCE again tell them to get off the phone. They will agree and may get off the phone that evening. But rest assured, you will participate in this drama regularly once or twice a week.

4) Food. Either they don't like what you cook and will attempt to manipulate you into making steak every night, or they will go out to eat every other night and NOT tell you. Since you are obligated to make them dinner, you will initially throw out a lot of food, until it pisses you off and you no longer cook ahead of time. And you only buy food that can be stored in the fridge (which they will assure you they will eat, until you throw it out 'cuz it's moldy).

5) You can attempt to show them how to clean the house. But most of them have never done it before, so don't count on any long term cleaning successes with them.

6) Driving. You will have to drive them around. Trust me. The hosting company will tell you that they have to use the bus. Ha ha ha. You will drive them to school and grocery store and friend's houses, initially. The student I have now is pretty good about using the bus and getting around on his own. That is unusual. And I currently have 2 bicycles permanently stationed outside my front door by this student. He never uses them and I've told them they most go when he does. He smiles and nods. I have the feeling he thinks the bicycles are going nowhere.

To be honest, it doesn't pay to take in a student and I'm not doing it again.

I'm really looking forward to enjoying the final weeks of unemployment in a drama-free house.


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