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Friday, December 04, 2009

New Food, New Year, New Life

So, I'm almost through reading Alicia Silverstone's book, "The Kind Diet" and I went online and joined her website, The Kind Life.

I'm actually a quasi-vegetarian because I usually just have meatless meals. But, if a quasi-vegetarian is similar to a quasi-pregnant woman, I don't think I can call myself vegetarian unless I go all the way.

My thing is, I hate processed foods. I reviewed a book not too long ago, called "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollen. And he made some really good arguments for not eating those twinkies. And I've gotta say, I've never liked processed foods. I think it's my English heritage. My mom used to always say, frying and saucing up foods was done by lower class people. She always boiled or baked the freshest food she could find. A small bit of salt and pepper were about all the 'flavoring' she'd do. And no one in my family (5 kids, 2 parents) has ever been fat or out of shape. Or had an eating disorder.

In any event, I don't really like to eat meat. For a whole lot of reasons. Morally, ethically, health-wise. But if given the choice between faux food (twinkies, prepackaged fake meats, soy this and preservatives, acids, formaldhyde) and meat, I guess I would have to eat the meat.

But now that I've read, "The Kind Diet", I think I have more options than that. And I'm going to make a commitment to eat whole, fresh foods and no meat.


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