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Friday, November 20, 2009

Pet Peeves

I just read in an old People Magazine interview (last month I think) that Cesar Milan's pet peeve is when his dog's pee on his flower patch.

I thought that was kind of funny. He says he has 2 acres of land or so, yet the dogs find this little patch of flowers appealing for peeing. It also made me think of that saying, "No one is perfect.". Even experts in certain subjects aren't perfect. In a world that is so unforgiving, sometimes things like that make me feel better.

My pet peeve is when people stand outside my bedroom window first thing in the morning and have long, protracted, pointless conversations. That I have to listen too...and wake up from a deep slumber. Like this morning at..oh, say 7 a.m. My neighbor's door is right next to my bedroom window. And I had to listen to this long, long conversation that never ended....waking me up and pissing me off.

How hard is it to either invite someone in to your house to finish the conversation or move to a quieter place in the complex?

But I've found that, even when I ask people not to do this, they continue unless it becomes unpleasant for them to do so.

My other neighbors stopped standing outside my window having long conversations when my dogs started barking when they did it.

This neighbor just started talking louder. And that is the definition of a social retard.

So, my recourse, I guess is to stand outside said neighbor's bedroom window and have a really loud conversation that doesn't end so said neighbor can't sleep. Maybe that will hit home. Because asking people not to do it, goes in one ear and out the other.

No! I've got it. The next time it happens, I'm going to open my closed window (yes the conversation is so loud that it goes through the window) and add commentary, such as,

"You tell 'em!"


"Hey, why don't we all sing 'Kumbaya' and wake everyone who has managed to sleep through this up?"


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