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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Celebrated Easter with a huge dinner/lunch (okay, it was at 1 p.m. so I guess that qualifies as lunch) but will still be feeling it fact now!

Big M was still on the road, so she didn't show up. Mom and Dad came though, and we had a huge meal with chicken kiev, risotto, a great salad that Big G made, hominy and more. I could barely move afterwards.

Then Mom decided it was time to call all the relatives. That was fun. Because she insisted on putting everyone on the room on the line.

Mom: "Hello, Jay? What are you doing? Working in your yard? Oh! Well let me put your father on the phone...Frank, Frank, here' s the phone, say hello...

Dad: "Hi Jay, Happy Easter. Well here's your's the phone..."

Mom: "Jay, well we just ate a huge dinner. Cece, Cece, your brother's on the phone, say helloo..."

And it went on from there. I have a zillion relatives. And Mom insisted that I speak to all of them. And don't think that she was deterred when an answering picked up. Oh No! In that case, she insisted on leaving six messages, and crammed the phone in all of our ears so that we could leave personalized messages as well. Fun.

At least she didn't try to call Chuckie and Mags down in LA. But I think she spoke to them yesterday, so didn't feel like she needed to call them.


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