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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Apprentice

Just watched "The Apprentice" on Monday because I only get 2 channels and refuse to pay for cable. Anyway, it was "The Apprentice" or "Cops" (on the other channel that I get) and this time "The Apprentice" won out.

So, what was so sad about this run of the show is that the losers get a better prize than the winning team.

How's this for a reward? Squeeze your body into some fancy dress or suit a couple sizes too small, perch on an uncomfortable chair uncomfortably close to your fellow competitors and try to make small talk with The Donald, his Hoochie Wife-of-the-Moment and his daughter...His daughter by the way, looks like she's 16 and acts like she's 62. No, that's not the losing prize...that's what the winners get! Oh and some smarmy, fat-filled meal at Spago with fancy-prancy sauces and small servings.

What do the losers get? A campout!!! Doesn't that sound fun? While the other team is grimacing and squirming in some stupid overpriced L.A. restaurant...the losing team gets to roast hotdogs and marshmellows next to their tents...Fun!!! I'd be trying to lose if that was what was happening!!!


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